Sam Searcy Calls on Tamara Barringer to Stop False Ad

October 24, 2016

Fuquay-Varina, NC – Today, Sam Searcy called on Senator Tamara Barringer’s campaign to pull an ad that was given a rating of “demonstratably false or unfounded” by an independent fact checker. Sam Searcy is challenging incumbent Tamara Barringer in state Senate District 17, which includes most of southern Wake County and is one of the most competitive districts in North Carolina.

“Tamara Barringer should be embarrassed by how she’s conducting her campaign,” said Sam Searcy. “Peddling lies and forcing sexual assault survivors to reopen old wounds to distract from her abysmal record is exactly what’s wrong with politics today. Tamara has underfunded our schools and refused to expand health care access by expanding Medicaid – it’s no wonder she would stoop this low rather than run a clean campaign focused on the issues.”

Barringer has been running an ad that claims Searcy condones “sexual harassment” and “domestic violence” and that he “puts respect for women last”. However, WRAL fact checked her ad and gave it a red light saying this about her claims, “…to say the video “encourages domestic violence” is too much of a stretch. And to suggest that Searcy condones domestic violence or “puts respect for women last” because of the evidence at hand is a bridge too far indeed.”

“Tamara Barringer and Senate Republicans have been spreading these lies on TV and through the mail and if they have any decency, they should stop immediately,” said Searcy. “I’ve spoken with voters across the district and they’re concerned about underfunded schools and trying to afford good health care. Instead of spreading lies about me, Tamara Barringer should be explaining her record to voters, but with her record that’s going to be a tough conversation.”

Sam Searcy lives with his wife and four children in Holly Springs. He is a successful business owner, having created good paying jobs here in North Carolina where he built and sold a medical contracting company and is currently part-owner of a vodka distillery based in Durham. He grew up in Western North Carolina where he attended North Carolina public schools and became the first in his family to graduate with a four-year degree from Appalachian State University.

Click this link to read the full fact check by WRAL.