About Sam

About Sam

Let’s Build a Winning Team for North Carolina

Throughout his life, Sam’s learned one critical lesson that most North Carolina families can relate to
when the going gets tough, get to work.

Sam was born and raised in North Carolina. He grew up in the small town of Hendersonville. His mother worked as a teacher’s assistant in public schools and his dad worked in the factories. Although money was often tight, Sam’s parents were loving and supportive. They taught Sam and his sister the value of education and hard work.

When some of the factories where Sam’s dad worked sent their jobs overseas, it meant hard times for his family. When Sam was in the 7th grade, the Searcys lost their home. It was difficult for the entire family, but Sam resolved then to work as hard as he could to be successful. He took his first job at age 14 and worked throughout high school.

Sam became the first person in his family to go to a four-year college. With the help of student loans and on-campus jobs, he put himself through Appalachian State University and eventually law school. After law school, Sam worked a few different jobs until the Great Recession hit. He, like many North Carolinians, found himself laid off. But he remained undeterred. Sam once again got to work — taking a job at Lowe’s garden center to support his family. Eventually, Sam helped start innovative local companies which continue to employ people right here in North Carolina.

Now Sam sees a new problem — lawmakers in Raleigh. They don’t understand the challenges North Carolina families face. Unlike many of the lawmakers in Raleigh right now, Sam knows what it’s like to struggle. He knows what it’s like when businesses close, people lose their jobs, and families have the rug yanked out from under them.

Sam is ready to change things for North Carolina’s working families. He wants to create jobs, fix the parts of our health care system that aren’t working, and make sure children can grow up in financially stable households where they feel emboldened to chase their dreams.

Sam is ready to get to work. The question is, are you ready to join him?