Democratic U.S. House challenger Sam Searcy raised more than $550,000 between July and September, his campaign announced Monday. Searcy, a Holly Springs businessman running for political office for the first time, is one of at least four Democrats challenging Raleigh Republican George Holding in the 2nd District that includes parts of Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Wilson, […]

Republican 2nd District Congressman George Holding voted for a handful of amendments two years ago to block federal funding for fair housing investigations similar to one targeting his family bank.

Congressional rules didn’t forbid the votes, but ethics watchdogs said last week that Holding should have recused himself. Not doing so, “reflects poor judgment,” said Paul S. Ryan, an attorney with Common Cause in Washington, D.C.

Rep. George Holding’s reluctance to hold town hall meetings has made him an easy target in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s crosshairs. The fundraising group launched a website, HoldingTownHallWatch.com, keeping tabs on the number of days he’s gone without a town hall in the 2nd Congressional District, which includes the western half of Wilson County.

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