Sam Searcy for North Carolina State Senate

“My experiences in life and business help me understand what people go through. I’ve been at the table when you’re trying to figure out how to afford to put your second kid in day care.”

— Sam Searcy



Sam fervently supports public schools and better pay for teachers because a strong public education system fortifies North Carolina’s economy.

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Health Care

Every North Carolinian deserves quality, affordable health care. The biggest step we can take is expanding Medicaid.

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North Carolinians deserve an economy that benefits everyone. We need to support small businesses and workers, not giant corporations.

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Who is Sam Searcy?

Family man, entrepreneur, native North Carolinian.  He’s built businesses and he’s built a family. He understands people, the private sector and government. Send Senator Searcy back to Raleigh to fight for the diverse people of District 17.

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